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Not shipping orders until January!

Undergoing some changes.  Items will be added back slowly.
Estimated shipping costs will now be calculated at checkout.

If you cannot check out it means your cart contains unavailable items. ("Address not supported")

***New Checkout Process***

Option 1 (PayPal) - For instant payment. 
A refund for shipping or discounts will be sent if possible after the order is shipped.
For multiple transactions a fee is deducted for each additional transaction from refund amount.
Refund will take at least a few days to clear.

Option 2 (Manual) - For holding/combining orders and orders pending discounts.
 An invoice will be sent when total is ready.  Link to payment is in the invoice email.

Option 3 (Personal) - For mail in payments.  Total and payment details sent through email.

Please have the correct shipping address entered in PayPal. 
Your order will be delayed and will not be shipped until the address is confirmed.

The transaction will be canceled if there is no confirmation by the ship date of the label.

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